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With 24 hour emergency service, we can get your equipment functioning as quickly as possible. NEVER hesitate to repair a gas line problem as quickly as possible. Gas leaks should be reported to the gas company immediately in case it is coming from the main gas supply.

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Replacements & Installations

From oil to gas conversion, to new gas lines within the home - or even outside the home for a grill or fire-pit, our staff is expertly trained in the proper installation and replacement of gas lines. Gas lines should always be handled by the professionals.

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Jersey Plumbing Service is dedicated to your comfort and daily necessities. Our experienced technicians continue to train and educate themselves on the best and newest technologies in plumbing. Keep your home protected by quickly replacing failed Natural Gas Lines, or maintaining and repairing your current Gas lines.

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Gas Lines in Your Home

Natural gas is eco-friendly and efficient. Cost savings for families switching to natural gas have been tremendous, and many choose to switch as many appliances as possible over to natural gas after switching.

Families are Switching to Natural Gas Because:

Cost-effective: Natural gas is more plentiful than traditional heating oil. You will always have a supply of natural gas since natural gas is stored and transported through pipes underground. Since it has wide availability across the country, the price stays down, even as demand grows. You could save on your heating bill each year by switching to natural gas.

Convenient: There is no need to order a delivery since natural gas is transported by pipeline underground. There are no oil tanks to be filled, or meters to check since it flows automatically to your home from the utility company.

Safe: Natural gas is deemed very safe to use. Federal regulations enforce the safely of the production. It also regulates manufacturing, and distribution of natural gas. Appliances and furnaces that use natural gas have been designed to perform safely and efficiently.

Reliable: The most beneficial factor about natural gas is you may be able to heat your home, cook food, and run certain appliances even during a storm that causes power outages. It is not affected by harsh weather conditions or broken power lines since natural gas is transported underground.

Environmentally friendly: The cleanest burning fossil fuel is natural gas. It is known to produces 50% less carbon dioxide than coal and 20-30% less carbon than heating oil.

Abundant: Natural gas is available in many parts of the country and is always expanding. As new sites and pipelines develop, natural gas will become available in new areas.

Energy-efficient: Natural gas appliances can produce more heat with less energy than traditional appliances.



  • Home Heating- can be hooked to your gas boiler and water heater
  • Cooking- used with a gas oven and stove
  • Washer & Dryer- only compatible with washer and dryers with gas hookups
  • Outdoor Grills & Kitchens- used with built in grills and kitchens
  • Swimming Pools- hook lines up to a gas pool heater
  • Indoor Fireplaces- replaces a wood burning fireplace


Repairing Natural Gas Lines

Homeowners use natural gas for heat and for other various appliances. Problems can occur with the gas line over time. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous to anyone residing in the home. Leaks are extremely flammable and toxic in nature. For this reason, gas lines should always be installed in a home by a professional.


Gas Line Issues

After a period of time pipes tend to age and start to decay. New Lines have to be put in in-order for your home to remain safe. A buildup of gas pressure can happen over time. When this occurs, pressure can build up in the pipe and can cause a potential bust in your pipes making an unsafe environment for your family.

Why Leaks Occur

There are only a couple reasons why your gas line would leak. The first reason being due to incorrect appliance installation or a gas line hookup that was not done properly. The second being if the hose for the gas line gets pinched then a small line leak can develop. Having gas lines in your home is essentially safe; however, Leaking gas lines are extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately. Natural gas has a smell that is easy to distinguish. It smells sulfer or rotten eggs. If you smell this, call a plumber right away as you may have a leak.

How to Know When Your Lines Need to be Checked

  • Stange smells in your home could be the result of your lines leaking
  • Hissing sounds in the walls could be your gas lines leaking
  • If grass or plants are dying in lawn, especially over your gas line
  • New building items on your property are an excellent time to check you lines. When building make sure you do not damage any of these lines.

What Should You Do If You Have a Gas Line That Needs Repairs

The first thing you should do if you have a gas line leak is to turn off the gas supply in your home. Each line to every appliance as well as the main supply line into your home needs to be off. Appliance lines will be easily shut off by yourself, but the main line may require our assistance and a professional should be called right away.