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Water Damage Restoration

by RDC Restoration

RDC Restoration responds within 30 minutes or less, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Our technicians are faster than some pizza deliveries, ensuring that your water disaster is mitigated properly - immediately.

Whether your sewer backs up, your sump pump fails, a pipe has burst, or you simply have wet carpets/pads or walls. RDC Restoration has all of the necessary equipment, licenses and certifications to quickly mitigate the damage. The team of certified property loss restorers at RDC have the skills needed to disinfect, sanitize and clean up after fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, and all flood damage emergencies.

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24 Hour Emergency Services

Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, stationed all across NJ for rapid response - even in the worst weather conditions, providing emergency water removal and disinfecting and sanitizing services. All of our crews are IICRC certified and experienced residential and commercial water damage restoration specialists with expertise in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.

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Water Mitigation

RDC Restoration quickly mitigates water damage with a variety of specialized equipment and practices:

  • Powerful, truck-mounted portable water extraction units
  • Heavy duty submersible pumps
  • Efficient drying equipment to prevent:
    • metal corrosion
    • swelling or warping wood floors
    • commercial-grade wall and furniture drying equipment
    • Moisture detectors/hydrometers and other specialized detection equipment

Your mitigation team will perform a thorough inspection of all hidden damage from water, and closely inspect for structural problems including floor covering, drywalls, trim/baseboards, and painting.


Burst Pipes

Imagine walking into your home and water being all over your floor due to a burst pipe. This is a very scary experience. A burst pipe can do considerable damage to your home spilling several hundred gallons of water per hour. Water claims, from pipe bursts, are one of the most common claims homeowners file with their insurance companies. If a pipe does burst, call our mitigation specialists. This is a crucial step when filing an insurance claim. Remember, pipe bursts happen most often in the winter due to outdoor pipe freezing. Whether made of PVC, plastic, iron, lead or copper, any material of pipes can burst.


Flood Damage

According to the FEMA, water damage from floods is one of the most common and costly hazards in the U.S. Statistics by the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) cite a 1 in 4 chance of flood in high-risk areas over the course of the average 30-year mortgage. Unfortunately, most flood damage is not covered by your typical insurance policy. Commonly recognized causes of floods are thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes, excessive rain and snow. Flood can occur in a fast or slow fashion. This effects obvious flood areas as well as areas that appear completely harmless in dry weather. Floods can affect your home or business in several ways. The number one affect is health and safety risks if not immediately cleaned up. This includes structural damage, electrical damage and risks, sharp glasses and metals, sanitary hazards and diseases from standing water, contaminated drinking water, and defunct drainage and sewage systems. Time is not on your side. Unless your items are completely dry, you are only prolonging the inevitable.


Toilet, Bathtub & Sink Overflow

Sink, bathtub, and toilet overflows are far from rare. Most insurance companies cover water damage from a bathtub, sink, or toilet that has overflown. These incidents are considered “sudden and accidental” as oppose to the normal “wear and tear” of everyday. This means that the incident did not occur due to lack of maintenance, it was an accident. This is much like a pipe bursting due to freezing or a tree falling during a thunderstorm.

Since water from your sink, bathtub, and toilet are safe for consumption, there is little bacteria growth that can cause hard right away. However, if the incident is not taken cause of a threat will develop. Tie and temperature allow bacteria to grow and thrive. This Heightens contamination and water damage. Call our team of professional right away.


Burst Water Heater

The average life expectancy for a water heater, whether gas or electric, is only 10-13 years. Having an older water heater can cause problems that may lead to your water heater breaking. Often, a water heater will start to leak near the supply lines. This can not only damage your floor and drywall surrounding the heater but lead to corrosion and failure of your unit. Other causes of failure are internal rust, sediment buildup, and high-water pressure. Improper sizing of your water heater for you home can also cause your water heater to burst expectedly.

Call our professionals right away if your water heater is broken. Leaks can leave unseen damage that can lead to damage or mold in your home.

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Sewer Backup

In the United States, more than 500,000 sewer backups occur each year. They back up through the lowest plumbing fixture in your home. 68% of all drain system sewer back up claim started in the basement according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. Of these claims, 65% of them are more severe in finished basements than in unfinished basements.

If a sewer back is experienced, get to it fast. Dry the area as quickly as possible and call our professionals immediately. Do not use a furnace to dry things out. This could lead to mold throughout your entire home. Our mitigation service providers have the right equipment and experience to mitigate the amount of damage and prevent secondary damage from mold or rot.