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As unpleasant as sewage cleanup is to discuss, it's a serious matter that must be handled by professionals like RDC Restoration. Their teams are expert’s decontamination, sewage water removal and recovery efforts. Whether the cleanup is caused by clogged drains, flooding, or a natural disaster, sewage can be hazardous to your health and can cause extensive structural damage to both your property and your plumbing system.

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Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, stationed all across NJ for rapid response - even in the worst weather conditions, providing emergency storm damage restoration and mitigation services. All of our crews are IICRC certified and experienced residential and commercial storm damage restoration specialists.

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Sewage Health Concerns

Sewage clean up requires proper understanding of the sever hazards that water in sewer pipes contain. Obvious signs of human waste are not always present, but it is there and so are the microorganisms that cause very serious illness to both humans and pets. Anyone can be exposed to sewage by hand-to-mouth contact during eating, drinking and smoking, or by wiping the face with contaminated hands or gloves. Exposure can also occur by skin contact, through cuts, scratches, or penetrating wounds, and from discarded hypodermic needles. Certain organisms can enter the body via the surfaces of the yes, nose and mouth. They also enter by breathing them in as dust aerosol or mist. Sewage and wastewater contain bacteria, fungi parasites and viruses. They can cause intestinal, lung, and other infections. Always reporting to your health care professional any injury or illness you think you contracted from sewage right away.

High winds also often result in damage to important utilities around the house causing major power outages or even floods as water mains and pipes burst. Storm damage, through all these different means, can wreak serious havoc on your property and cause fire damage, water damage and all kinds of other hazards.


Other Ways You Need Sewage Cleanup

Did you know that after a natural flood, such as a river or stream overflowing its banks, you even need sewage cleanup? As a river or stream flows, they will pick up contaminants and waste as it travels out of its bank, and through various sewers. They also pick up animal waste which is dangerous as human effluent. It could also have serious long-term effects. In addition to this, moisture which seeps into floorboards, framing, wooden trim and other components can go on causing problems for weeks or even months. The problem of hidden moisture multiplies if unseen moisture contains contaminants. Our friends understand the importance of proper sewage mitigation They work to ensure your issues are taken care of the correct way the first time.


Common Causes for Sewage Backup

Broken or collapsing sewer lines - In the lowest open drain is usually where sewer backups occur. It is typically cause by a blockage somewhere in the line. The problem is most likely in your main sewer line if you experience a backup every time you flush or pour water down your sink or bathtub drain. This due to all drains rely on the main sewer line to drain properly. If backups are limited to only one drain, however, then your problem is likely isolated to that drain.

Tree roots beak the sewage pipes - Tree roots are incredibly strong, resilient, and determined. They are the lifeline for a tree. They send out small feeder roots that seek valuable water and nutrients. Drawn to the warm water inside sewer pipes that release vapor into the soil This vapor typically escapes through a small crack in the PVC pipping or through a loose joint in older pipelines. Roots detect this warmth and moisture and begin growing towards it. When a weak spot in the pipe is discovered, it is invaded, and roots start to grow inside of it. As they grown, they start blocking the flow. Things like tissue paper and other debris stop being able to make it through the pipe causing backups.

Clogged drains backup the sewer lines - Like drainpipes, main sewer lines can become clogged. This can cause sewage backups in your home. A gurgling sound coming from the drains is also an indicator that your lines are blocked. Treating your toilet like a trashcan will cause sewer drain issues. Pouring grease down the drain also clogs lines. Grease, fats, and oils are the biggest culprits. People mistakenly think that running hot water when pouring grease down a drain helps was it away; this is false. As grease cools off, it hardens and sticks to your pipes leading to line clogs.

Flooding overwhelms and clogs sewer system - Sewage backups can sometimes occur from problems involving you plumbing fixtures or sewer lines. If a city sewer system is inundated with water after a heavy rain shower, they can cause sewage backups in home or business. Basement sewage backu0ps happen when rainwater overwhelms the system and the system cannot hold anymore.


Restoration Sewage Mitigation Procedure

  • The initial containment processes
  • The removal of sewage, water and organic matter
  • A thorough decontamination and disinfecting process of the salvageable building portions
  • Complete disposal of contaminated and porous materials
  • Coordination of structural dry out