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Jersey Plumbing Service is dedicated to your comfort and daily necessities. Our experienced technicians continue to train and educate themselves on the best and newest technologies in plumbing. Keep your home protected by quickly replacing failed pipes, or repairing leaks straight away.

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Residential Leak Detection

We offer comprehensive residential leak detection services to address a range of concerns. Leaks can be extremely destructive. We do everything in our power to detect and solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible to protect your property from further damage. 

Our staff will work with you to discuss the best solutions for your unique situation. We take the time to understand any concerns and address all questions. Only using the most innovative technology and time-tested detection methods to find the root of any leak. Our technicians take the time to explain the problems so customer can make informed decisions about their home. ALD offers comprehensive leak detection services. This addresses a range of concerns for our customers.

Plumbing Leak Detection

Water leaks seem like a common occurrence. Homeowners are familiar with the echo of dripping taps. However, not all leaks are so noticeable. Leaks in the plumbing line under the slab, or other hidden areas, can go unnoticed until it has caused considerable damage.

Common areas that leak detection is difficult include the service line, typically running under your yard, driveway, and other exterior areas, from your meter or pump to your house. The slab leak, which occurs when a leak develops in either your hot or cold-water plumbing line which is beneath the slab of your home. Leaks can also develop in the plumbing inside your walls and/or floors. Crawl spaces and basements are another space that floods by leaks in your plumbing lines. Miscellaneous plumbing systems such as radiant floor heating, hydronic lines for heating and cooling, snow melt systems, plumbing for ice rinks, etc. can all develop leaks causing property damage.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspection is when we insert a camera into the pipe to detect any signs of leakage. This is a reliable, non-invasive leak detection service that uses state-of-the-art technology.

Video inspection helps identify foot intrusion, debris blockage, bellied drain lines, leaking pipe joints, cracked sewer lateral, separated later joints, and deteriorated piping materials. With this technology we can determine the exact location and cause of the leak. This helps keeps repair costs low. We have all the information your need to make an informed decision about your sewer system by creating a comprehensive report.

Sewer Leak Repair

Sewer Lines run out of the bottom of your house and underground. Most often, you are liable for any damage to your sewer line up to where it connects to the main sewer line... which may be halfway through the road. It's best to know if you have a leak before digging up the town road to explore. 

It's also essential to get a handle on the situation immediately, because if the sewage is running into the ground, it's likely running up against your foundation... which can cause truly unsanitary leaks that can cause major damage and destruction to your property, including your lawn, foundation, and harmful mold etc. 

Cause & Origin/ "Mystery Leaks"

Plumbing leaks are not always the culprit. We have the expertise, as the world leader in noninvasive leak detection, and technology to find roof leaks, window leaks, ground water intrusion, faulty tile grout, and all sorts of places that can be the source of a water leak. 

Pools, Spas, & Fountain Leak Detection

Features such as pools, spas, and fountains have large bodies of water. Because of this, it can be difficult to detect leaks until severe damage has occurred. Our highly trained professionals at Jersey Plumbing Service use advanced technology and non-intrusive techniques to locate your leak.

Leak Detection for Pools, Spas, & Fountains

Determining when your pool, spa, or fountain has a leak can be a challenging task. Just because your water levels are lower than normal does not make it has a leak, environment factors do play a role in the water level. Factors like wind, humidity, and sun exposure all impact your rate of evaporation.

Look out for these warring signs for leaks. Your pool, fountain, or spa loses more than ¼ an inch of water in a day. If there are any cracks in or around the pool decking. If you are needing to add water more than once a week. If the grass around the area is soggy. If your pool deck is sinking or lifting.

To prepare for an accurate leak detection test, it is recommended you have the pool vacuumed and cleaned beforehand. Large leaks are hard to spot with dirt and debris in the pool. Also, pool water should be clear as possible. Mildew, algae, or fungi will turn your water green if infested. This not only makes it impossible to test for any leaks but is hazardous for your health. Lastly, make sure water level is higher than normal. This helps detect any leaks that could be seen.

Pool, Spa & Fountain Leak Repairs

There are any number of reasons why you have a leak in your system. Pools are made of several components and any one of them could be the cause of you leak. A pool leak could be found in the structure around the light, main drain, return outlets, tile lines, etc. They can be found in the suction lines, return lines, or the main drain. They can even be found in the pool pump and filter, as well as skimmers or pool accessories like water slides. Our professionals know all the places where leaks can occur and know the fastest ways to find and fix them.

Spa & Fountain Leak Repairs

No matter the system that is leaking, damages can far surpass the wasted water costs. Water cuts mountains into valleys. It can similarly wear holes in the foundation of your home, damage sidewalks, slabs, flooring and more. We can quickly and efficiently identify and repair leaks coming from any specialty water-utilizing system. 

Reliable LeakVue™ Services

Known as a cutting-edge device, and a patented product exclusive to our company, LeakVue™ system allows us to evaluate water loss in your pool, spa, or fountain in as little as 15 minutes. This is our preferred device for its simplicity, speed, and accuracy. The system works by using a laser to detect any changes in the water’s surface. LeakVue™ system then send its findings wirelessly to a PDA that displays a graph of rises and falls in your pool’s water level. Then our trained interpreter evaluates the results and determines if the changes in the water comes from a leak or natural environmental factor. If a leak is found, we then provide you with an estimate on repairs, and, in many cases, can begin repairs that day.