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Toilets can fail us in so many little ways, most often at the worst possible time. Most toilet problems are easy fixes, but none are fun. With 24 hour service, we can get your toilet functioning as quickly as possible.

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With Decades of Experience in Plumbing, We Have the Expert Advice You Need to Select the Perfect Toilet for Your Home or Business. We recommend the most dependable and reliable brands. When your Toilet needs to be replaced, we do the job right the first time.

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Jersey Plumbing Service is dedicated to your comfort and daily necessities. Our experienced technicians continue to train and educate themselves on the best and newest technologies in plumbing. Keep your home protected by quickly replacing toilets, or maintaining and repairing your current Toilet.

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Toilet Plumbing Services

Toilets are the hardest working and dependable plumbing machineries in our home. When something goes wrong with a toilet, it can be very inconvenient. When your toilet breaks or needs repair work, you need a reliable plumber. Jersey Plumbing Service a trusted plumber service throughout New Jersey, and is dedicated to customer service.

Toilets Aren't as Simple as You Think. Let the Pros Fix Them!

Toilets rely on the interaction of numerous parts to function properly. Although quite simple devices, if a toilet breaks, it could be a problem with its plumbing or with the parts that make it work. Sometimes toilets can function even though it has malfunctioning components. It can be tempting to ignore, but a toilet’s parts should be replaced once they start to break. If left ignored, they could fail. Even if toilets do not completely break, faulty toilet parts can waste water and increase your bills.

Common parts that need repair or replacement include:

  • Fill valves
  • Flush valves
  • Floats
  • Handle arms
  • Flappers
  • Toilet seals
  • Chains
  • Overflow tubes

A hissing noise after a flush are not necessarily an emergency, but they can be a sign that your toilet is wasting water or will eventually stop working. We are ready to come to your home and provide a reliable, fast, and affordable fix for your toilet issues. If you have noticed increased water bills, it might be time for us to examine your toilet and determine if it is wasting water.

4 Easy Toilet Fixes You Can Do Yourself

The Water Level in the Tank is Too Low

First look at the valve, if it is off, turn it back on. Water in the tank needs to be about one inch from the top of the overflow tube. Then monitor the water level in the tank to make sure it refills to the right level.

The Lift Chain Isn’t Working

The lift chain, which attaches the flapper to the flushing handle on the outside of the toilet, can be too long, making the handle unable to raise the flapper. This causes a weak flush on the toilet. Shorten the chain length to let the chain raise the flapper off the flush tube and allow water to flow when the handle is pushed. 

Weird Water Levels in the Tank or Bowl

If the water level in either of these places is not what it used to be, remove the tank lid, look for the rubber flapper. Its job is to release water when the toilet is flushed and then seal the water intake hole afterward, maintaining the right water level. The flapper may be bent or too damaged to do the job. Turn off the water and drain the tank before removing the old one and putting it the new flapper. 


With luck, plunging can do this common job. If plunging the toilet bowl is not sufficient to remove the clog, use a water closet auger (aka snake). Being careful to not scratch the porcelain bowl, put the end of the auger into the drain hole, and twist the handle while pushing the rotor downward. Afterwards, flush the toilet. 

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The reasons for needing a professionally installed toilet are understandable. Besides needing to be reliable, toilets hold significant amounts of water and waste. Our plumbers are ready to help you select the right toilet for your home and budget. We are never interested in selling you more than you need and are always focused on what will make you pleased customer.

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