Whether it is the wrap around porch or the stained-glass windows or maybe even a white picket fence surrounding a home, something tells you this is the one. Many things are wonderful in older homes from light fixtures to old-style architecture. And then there are the plumbing issues. Yes, of course, you did an inspection and the report had issues of varying importance. Have you ever noticed how varying importance takes on greater urgency after you have the keys?


5 Plumbing issues with Old Houses

Copper Pipes

Lots of homes in the twentieth century were built using copper pipes. And your house may have been built before lead was banned, meaning whatever copper piping remains might have been fitted with lead-based solders. An additional issue, copper pipes are very attractive to thieves due to the ease of selling them.


Reality is metals corrode over time, even galvanized steel. In time, the protective zinc coating erodes, then exposed iron of galvanized pipes becomes susceptible to rust. Left unchecked, your house water turns orange and then next call is to Jersey Plumbing as the water is not safe to drink.


Think of the age of your home, even a home built in the ’70s, is pretty old by today’s standards. Even with regular maintenance, it is hard to keep the pipework free from clogs that can block the whole of the pipe. Remember, a home built half a century ago is not a Victorian or a Colonial, it could be a Ranch house. Those decades of sewage and soap scum will take a toll on your old home’s drains, filling and clogging them with gunk. If you see your drains backing up or slow draining, take the next right step and call the plumber.

Original Water Fixture

Yes, the original faucets, handles, valves, and spigots are so pretty and have such old-world charm. However, leakage and cracks occur over time, possibly leading to foul smells. Replacing the old with the new will save money in the long run as modern faucets, valves, handles, and spigots now have sensors and the ability to not surprise you in the shower when someone flushes a toilet. That alone may be worth the price.

Tree Root Invasion

Your home does not even need to be that old to have tree roots growing into not only the foundation but also interfering with your plumbing. Tree roots can also interfere with your sewer lines. Depending on what was the best advice of the time, many people planted trees right next to their homes, not realizing that many trees have aggressive root systems; or that the lovely leafy tree also threatened their home with its height.

Have the professionals at Jersey Plumbing come out and assess the plumbing in your home to make sure all is safe for you and your family.

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