Now that winter is done, there are a few tasks to be taken care of, several you can do on your own, and a couple others best left to the professionals at Jersey Plumbing. 

Check your hoses and outside faucets - Of course the hoses should have been rolled up and put away, it just doesn’t always happen.  Hoses need to be checked for leaks or splits.  Faucets, even if they have been covered, still need to be checked for any leaks. Depending on how cold the recently past winter was and whether there was any water left in the pipes leading outside, ice could have formed and damaged or broken the seals, or the interior pipes themselves.

Test Your Sump Pump!!!

Spring in all its moods brings rain and often a lot of rain. Having a functioning sump pump can make the difference between watching blooms bud and trying to hire someone to pump out the basement.  Signs your sump pump is struggling:

  • Obvious leaking.
  • Runs all the time.
  • Irregular cycling.
  • Water present after a heavy rain
  • Visible rust.

This appliance that makes life so much better and dryer only have a lifespan of about ten years.  People often don’t realize the sump pump has malfunctioned until it has stopped working. Depending on where you live in northern New Jersey, in Budd Lake or East Orange, rain may or may not have a place to exit. If the only place for rain to exit is your basement, having a working sump pump can make all the difference.  The professionals at Jersey Plumbing Service can inspect, repair, and if need be replace your sump pump.