Taking care of your hot water heater will ensure plenty of hot water for years to come, the reverse is also true of course, not taking care of the unit will mean sporadic hot water often at the most inconvenient times.  There are some steps you the homeowner can do, and others best left to the professionals at Jersey Plumbing Service.

Signs that your hot water heater is not working the way it should:

  • You don't have enough hot water: Try the easiest fix first, adjust the temperature dial on your water heater to a higher degree, wait about 30 minutes and then check the water temperature at the faucet. Make sure the circuit breaker is in the ‘on’ position, as it can trip.  For an electric water heater, if the circuit breaker trips often, you’ll want to contact a professional. The unit may be pulling more energy than it needs perhaps due to wiring or electrical problems. If that doesn't change anything, draining the water tank to remove sediment may work and will  boost the unit's efficiency.
  • You have varying water temperature issues: This might be as simple as regulating the thermostat if what is happening is the water being too hot or not hot enough. If the heating element needs to be replaced though, call in Jersey Plumbing to resolve it.  They can also assess if the unit you have is big enough for the people using it. While a smaller tank will be fine for 2 people, a larger tank will be needed for 6 people.
  • You have a leaking water heater: Water from a hot water heater is hot! A leaking water heater typically indicates a serious internal failure. If you notice water dripping from the unit or pooling around the bottom of the tank, put safety first and disconnect the electricity or turn off the gas.  Now you can inspect to see where the leak is coming from. Check for any loose pipes or connectors, as well as the inlet. Condensation is expected, but actual water or dampness that extends out is not.  Again, calling on a professional is best.
  • Noises: When you can hear the hot water heater banging or other noises, that is a definite sign that it is failing.  Vibrating is also not a good sign.
  • Age of your hot water heater: Hot water heaters don’t last forever. Generally, they last between six and thirteen years.  So, if yours is closer to eleven years old, realize that even with regular maintenance, the time for replacing it is getting closer.  The professionals at Jersey Plumbing Service can address all your concerns whether it by fixing what is wrong with your present unit, or by installing a new unit that fits the needs of your family.

Keeping your hot water heater well maintained will go a long way towards extending the life of your equipment. Calling the experts at Jersey Plumbing with plumbing issues can save you time, and frustration.