Sometimes the kitchen sink drains slowly, and it is an easy fix, other times the solution is to call the plumbing experts at Jersey Plumbing to resolve your sink draining issues.

Some of the causes of slow draining sinks are:

  • Grease, or greasy liquids, being poured down your kitchen sink, these go down the drain in a liquid state, but as they move through your pipes, the fat cools. As the fat becomes solid, it coats the inside of the pipes. This coating will get thicker and thicker as more grease builds up until you get a slow draining or a completely clogged sink.

Try these suggestions:

Before pouring a drain cleaner down your sink which will damage your pipes in the long run, pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by half a cup of white vinegar, let it bubble and fizz for 5 minutes, and then pour a kettle’s worth of boiling water down the drain.  Turn the faucet on and see if it is draining better.

Now is the time for the plunger, the problem may be something other than grease.   Remove standing water until there is only an inch or two so you can see what is going on. Remember to remove the sink strainer before using the plunger. Place the cup of the plunger over the drain opening and pump up and down rapidly several times. Quickly pull the plunger off the drain opening. Plunge both sides of the drain.

  • Food particles or larger pieces like fruit or vegetable skins can get trapped in the curved pipe under the sink, known as the P-trap.  This is another way a drain can get clogged and drain slowly.
  • And sometimes the slow draining sink issues are even further down the pipe system, making the use of the Drain Snake more feasible.

The solution for these problems is calling Jersey Plumbing.

For both removing the P-Trap as well as using the Drain Snake calling professional assistance for help is the route to go.  The clog may well be further down your pipes. Both solutions can cause messes and are time-consuming.

Keep Pipes Clean with Enzymes

Enzyme cleaners work well in eliminating foul odor from pipes and removing clogs. Enzymes are now available for all types of plumbing needs, and if properly maintained, enzymes will help keep the pipes free and clear of buildup when used on a regular basis. While enzymes are not effective in removing an existing clog immediately, regular use will keep your pipes clear of any organic buildup which helps you avoid clogs in the first place. Natural enzymes are easy on your pipes, unlike chemical drain cleaners. They are available at home improvement stores.

If you can avoid putting the following down your pipes, you may save yourself the headache of a slow drain:

  • Grease - Slides when warm, solidifies when cold.
  • Coffee grounds - The oil in coffee grounds becomes a sticky mess.
  • Eggshells - Eggshells become sand-like particles that stick to grease.
  • Potato and fruit peels – Starchy or stringy scraps can cause clogs.
  • Pasta and rice - Not only are they high in starch, but they also both absorb water.
  • Keeping your drains healthy and your pipes safe will go a long way towards having a steadily draining sink. Calling the experts at Jersey Plumbing with plumbing issues can save you time, and frustration.

Keeping your drains healthy and your pipes safe will go a long way towards having a steadily draining sink. Calling the experts at Jersey Plumbing with plumbing issues can save you time, and frustration.

If there is limited pressure from the showerhead or faucets, it maybe the result of sediment and mineral deposits. Use vinegar to clean the showerhead and faucets to clean the aerators. If necessary, replace the showerhead.

Sometimes simple problems like the shut-off valve being closed, which you would open, or a faucet being blocked can cause low water pressure. More serious issues like plumbing blockages or water leaks decrease water pressure, as well. If it is cleaning a showerhead or opening a partially closed valve, there are tasks you can do. For others, calling the professionals at Jersey Plumbing can resolve your low water pressure problems. Returning you household to enjoying hot showers, clean clothes and dishes with full water pressure is a pleasure all its own.