All over the world, bidets are commonplace and expected. The USA has long lagged behind this trend, however, due to toilet paper shortages in the early days of the pandemic, more and more Americans are realizing they've been missing out on the benefits of having a bidet for their personal bathroom hygiene.

Where in the World do People Use Bidets?

All over the world people use bidets as a standard practice. In Asia, for example, it is normal to find them in public restrooms and even some stadiums. It is common to find bidets in South America and Europe, too. Bidet use has been increasing in the USA as well with many new homes having bidets already installed.

More and more Americans have been using bidets and realizing that they actually love them. Indeed, the new dawn of the bidet in the USA has arrived. If you're considering getting a bidet just consider this:

Benefits of a Bidet:

  • Hygienic
  • Prevents hemorrhoids and UTIs
  • Easier care for those with hemorrhoids or other bowel conditions
  • Good for women post childbirth to prevent future infections and tears that can lead to pain and discomfort, as well as urinary incontinence

Why Are Bidets More Hygienic?

Bidets clean more thoroughly than toilet paper, helping to wash away fecal matter and bacteria that can lead to illness. There is also less irritation to sensitive areas that may become sore and more susceptible to infection.

How to Use a Bidet:

  1. Adjust the temperature to your comfort level (if available)
  2. Position over the bidet so that water doesn't spray outside the target areas
  3. Aim for additional areas, including behind and in front of the genitals, as well as the rectal area, being sure not to touch any sensitive areas with the sprayer nozzle itself.
  4. For full hygiene, repeat twice more on each side of the body, front and back where appropriate.
  5. Dry.

Types of Bidets:

A classic bidet is a stand-alone bidet that usually comes with assorted taps and nozzles that splash or spray water.

A wall hung bidet attaches to the wall above the toilet.

Integrated bidet toilet seats fit on top of your existing toilet with a control panel outside the bathroom. Some have their own water tank and only require cold water while others have hot and cold for more consistent temperature control. Some are fairly high-tech while others are low-tech.

No matter what type of model you prefer (and price point), there is a new energy of information and interest surrounding new bidets. Bidets are the new "it" thing for those who wish to be as germ-free as possible by reducing their contact with fecal material during their daily routines.

If you're ready to take the plunge - or in this case, splash - call the team at Jersey Plumbing Service to schedule a new bidet installation.