Dealing With Water Main Leaks:

Some leaks, make a sound only when exposed, like the ones from a main water supply line. The loss of water can be significant and will appear in the form of an increased water bill.

The first step in either identifying a leak or fixing one is turning OFF the main water valve. Your water main is the link that connects the plumbing system in your home to the public water supply or a well. The pipes behind your walls and foundation will often last for several decades or much less if damage occurs.

Here are some of the signs of a water main leak in your home.

  • Puddles

When there is a leak in the main water line, there isn’t anywhere for the water to go, except out into the street or your yard.  If you see burbling water in the street in front of your home or your yard is spongey without any rain, call the professionals at Jersey Plumbing Service ASAP.

  • Wet Walls and Floors/Discolored Dry Wall

Check the floors, walls, as well as ceiling for moisture.  Excessive moisture is a sign of a leak in your pipes.  Check each room of your household to see if the walls are damp. It is important to check your ceiling for any wet rings or mold. If the signs of a water line leak are not addressed, it can lead to more serious problems like damage to the structure and foundation of your home.  Get an inspection by a licensed plumber on your plumbing system.

  • Cracks in the Outside Foundation

It is best to have a professional plumber address these issues if you believe you may have a water line leak.  As a homeowner, a simple way is to check for cracks.  Look at the drywall and exterior paneling of your house to see if you notice obvious symptoms of a leak, like water spots or drip marks. Also, look at the concrete foundation outside your home to see if there are cracks.

  • Low Water Pressure

Obviously, if the main water line is damaged, water doesn’t go where it is supposed to, and it will result in lowered water pressure.  This becomes apparent in the shower or sink. This may mean that there are ruptures in the water lines or even clogs in the pipes.

  • Sound of water

Hearing noises of any kind like bubbling, whistling, banging, and dripping means there is an issue with the line or pipes.  These sounds are usually caused by a broken pipe within your home’s plumbing system.

Getting the professionals of Jersey Plumbing Services to inspect your water main is critical to repairing the problem before mold and further water damage occurs.