Right now, summer still rules, fall though will be here faster than you realize, and as the need for consistent hot water arises, this is a good time to assess how your hot water heater is doing. Hot water heaters generally last between 8 to 12 years, and from year 12 on, is considered to be on ‘borrowed time’. And a good time to start thinking about replacing it. Your hot water heater is used for bathing, cleaning, and washing, so keeping it in good order is important.


Signs your hot water heater needs professional care:

  • Rust.

The anode rods inside your heater are literally sacrificial rods as they are rusted to protect the metal walls. These need to be replaced over time.

  • Sediment Buildup.

When hot water is heated, mineral deposits separate and settle into the bottom of the tank. This sediment will buildup over time, reducing efficiency. (For more information see How to Drain Your Water Heater)

  • Wrong size heater.

If you have purchased a hot water heater too small to accommodate all the appliances and people in the home, it will cause the heater to work harder and it will not last as long. A plumber can help you find the right size heater for your family.

  • Poor air quality.

For combustion to occur, a water heater needs to draw air in. Issues can occur when the air quality is poor or dangerous. Make sure to keep corrosive substances like bleach and ammonia well away from you hot water heater.

  • Leaking water.

Remember that the water leaking from the hot water heater is HOT, this can damage the floor as well as the walls, which may eventually lead to mold as well as other foundation problems. For the most part hot water heaters are required to be placed against an external wall of the house. Therefore, most hot water heaters are in garages or basements. You will want to place your water heater next to an outer wall to make room for the flue. Observe at least monthly the status of the floor where the hot water heater is, for cracks, bubbles or constant weeping or dampness of the floor.

Having the plumbing professionals at Jersey Plumbing in once a year to assess your hot water heater is an excellent way to resolve issues before they become expensive problems.