Whether the one who handles the plumbing issues in your home is your partner or son or daughter, with the holidays, fast upon us, now is a good time to think about what would make the project go better, or make it more enjoyable. While the rolling metal toolbox has its points of being able to hold many tools:


Holiday Gift Ideas for the Plumber in your Life!!

leather tool bag

Leather Tool Bag

A leather tool bag makes it easier to have all the tools one needs for a specific project and not having to make trips back and forth.


Kneeling Pad

Fixing nearly anything plumbing related almost always requires a lot of time kneeling. The advantage of a kneeling pad is that it can both be moved and be used to lie on. There are several different types of knee pads from non-slip pads or scratch-resistant to ones with gel.


Work Gloves

Plumbing is tough on the hands. Injuries like cuts and bruises don’t need to be a part of the job. Work glove are designed to protect your hands. Some different types of gloves are Nitrile or latex often worn under another glove; this protects your hands from biological hazardous jobs. Then there are rubber gloves used for projects like clearing drains. Welding gloves are a thicker leather with longer cuffs and offer a measure of fire resistance, useful when welding leaky pipes.

plumbers wrench

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is great for so many projects. And really, for any plumbing project can there ever be enough wrenches?


Portable Lighting

What plumbing project does not require more lighting than is generally available? In addition to light sources you can ‘stick’ to the project, there are also small but powerful flashlights that you can clip to your hat and some gloves have attached lights as well.


Jersey Plumbing Gift Certificate

Because some jobs need the experts and we can help get your plumbing back on the right track.

Of course, there are the fun gifts, like the plunger and toilet bowl Christmas ornaments. Or the ‘toolset’ that is actually chocolate. There are countless funny plumber tee shirts and hats for the lighter side of plumber appreciation.

In the effort to provide some help as well as humor to the person who tackles the plumbing concerns in your home, may this list help. And Happy Holidays!

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